As we saw in the previous post, over the years we have worked on over 200 interior design projects of the highest level.

Although we imposed very cogent requirements in order to work with us, our customers are constantly increasing.

My greatest professional satisfaction is that today Perozzo is synonymous with reliability, exclusivity and design in the world of luxury at the highest level.

In particular, my job has taught me that when a successful person – or his architect – entrust you a project for his residence, it means that this person is entrusting you more than a supply contract for the purchase of furniture: he is entrusting you the furniture of the place where he has chosen to live with his loved ones.

This is the place where he would spend the moments of greater intimacy with the family, the place that will frame its joys and its troubles: his residence will become the frame of the picture that its existence is painting.
He is entrusting you a piece of his life and his free time.

The free time of a successful person has a greater value than money: the money can be lost and regained, time not.

Once lost, time is gone forever, whether you are the last of the servants, whether you are the patriarch of a royal family (the King, in short).

For this reason, an architect cannot allow himself to make mistakes in the interior of a high-end dwelling.

An architect must be able to rely on the reliability of a trusted advisor, without being forced to try his luck entrusting each time to a different buyer – in a sector so full of unreliable opportunists who there are today and tomorrow they are gone -.

Moreover, the architect must be able to rely on a single interlocutor who allows him to not waste time handling thousands of different suppliers, thousand offers, thousand shipments, thousand different billings.

This is precisely the raison d’être of Perozzo.

In Perozzo, we know that you don’t have a second chance to make a good impression with a HWNI.

When you work with HWNI, the trust is an indivisible good, not quantifiable and not purchasable. Trust is the most precious relational good and it must be built with patience, perseverance and sincerity.

It takes years to build a relationship of trust with a HWNI and it takes only five minutes to destroy it forever.

There is more: losing the trust of a HWNI means losing the trust of his family, his entourage, his friends, his people.

In the exclusive environment of the high-end architects, choosing the wrong supplier means delaying your project in the best case, but it means derailing inexorably – along with your reputation and your career – in the worst case.

That’s why, the best architects in the world trust us: we always keep our promises.
Our word is worth more than any contract. It’s a matter of professional integrity and, before that, of honor.

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