With this post I want to welcome you to the Perozzo blog. In these pages I will tell you about my life as an advisor for luxury interiors, which brings me around the world to design some of the most prestigious residences of the planet.

If you deal with luxurious interiors, probably you’ve already heard of me.

If not, you should know that Perozzo is the only professional advisory service for design and supply of ultra-luxury Italian interiors, a service provided by some of the greatest Italian experts in the sector – as you may have guessed, it’s me and my staff.

There is a possibility that my last statement sounds presumptuous to you, but I can guarantee – and above all to prove in facts – that it is the truth.

The way that brings me to become a key figure in my sector has been long, difficult and troubled: I’ll tell you about those in future posts of this blog.

The fact is that when it comes to consulting in the interior of extra luxury, it is very easy to run into so-called experts that claim experience and contacts who have not, polluting the market and creating distrust among potential customers.

As always in these cases, the difference between the charlatans and professionals is the ability to keep the promises you made. I always keep my promises, even at the cost of losing my own pocket.

Returning to our consultancy services for luxury interior, you should know that it is the unique service of its kind, addressed to architects, designers and project managers selected.

For them, we are able both to achieve complete in hand keys projects and to provide specific advice for the procurement of high-end products, specific and personalized.

As you may have guessed, I do not deal with designing the “standard” house, not even what a middle-class individual could describe as a “beautiful house”.

My work is aimed to satisfy the changing and sophisticated needs of an elite of ultra-affluent individuals, that require dwellings or business areas with features (and cost) to the top of the range, which are definitely inaccessible for the majority of people.

The needs of the ultra-affluent customers (i.e. HNWI, or High Net Worth Individuals) are light years away from the needs of us…mere mortals.

For this reason, those who are looking for an ultra-luxury furniture needs a partner that is able to provide a range of specific services that have nothing to do with the skills of a normal architect or an interior designer.

Our raison d’être is precisely this: we are the benchmark for the ultra-luxury interior design, addressed to the most exclusive residences of the planet.

And in future articles I’ll explain why.

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