If you are an architect and you have already read some posts of my blog, maybe you are already familiar with the “raison d’être” of my company – Perozzo.

In short, we believe that you should devote your energies to what you can do best, that is to use your talent and your imagination to draw, not to flick through catalogs looking for a supplier.

Over the years, project by project, we came up with some key points in this regard, that we like to consider as the “Four Pillars” of Perozzo.

Here they are:

1. We only accept projects that we are sure to complete successfully.

Simply put, we are not interested in doing everything for everyone.

Therefore, we carry out a strict assessment in every project we work on.

And if a project is not for us, or it is not within our reach, we are not afraid to say “no, thanks”.

The fact that you are managing a luxury interiors project is not – in itself – a sufficient guarantee to be able to work with us.

As you surely understand, we can’t allow ourselves to ruin our reputation in an environment so closed and demanding as that of HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals).

For this reason, we only take part in projects where we are 100% sure that we can carry out a decisive and effective action.

2. We are not tied to a single company

Our company is focused on the advisory in both strategic and operational level.

In other words, we can solve for you all the problems related to the finding (or to the customization) of particular items of furniture, even if they are many and manufactured by different companies.

According to your need, you can even receive just one shipment and one invoice, from a single supplier – Perozzo.

Equally, our strength is our independence from Italian suppliers with whom we choose to work together.

Since we are not forced to promote the products of a given supplier, we have the overview on all the high-end solutions of our sector, and we are able to advise you accordingly.

3. We put you into direct contact with the manufacturers

Over the years, we built privileged and long standing relationships with the best suppliers of luxury and extra-luxury Italian furniture (Visionnaire, Minotti Collezioni, DG Mosaic, and many more).

Therefore, putting you into direct contact with them is not a problem for us.

So many times – in truth – it happens that the same suppliers designate us to show their products to their customers.

After all, our job is to provide the best possible consultation for the procurement of high-end components for your projects.

In this regard, please note that we are specialized advisors –  not buyers: we only buy products rarely and in some very selected projects.

4. We prefer to meet you in person

In the Internet and mobile devices era, we believe that no digital media has the same value of an in-person visit and a handshake.

Therefore, if your project is within our reach of activity, we prefer to meet you in person and on-site.

– –

Do you have some “Pillars” in your activity too?

If you are an architect who deals with interior design projects of the highest level, and if you find yourself in our Four Pillars, please contact us and let us know what you think by filling in the form at the bottom of this page!

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