Learn why Perozzo has become a synonymous with world-class reliability, exclusivity and planning skills in the luxury interiors world.

Our story begins with a dream.

AFTER PURSUING A SOLID CAREER as a salesman in the Italian market, Rino Perozzo was looking for a new challenge. Even if his career in Visionnaire – the leading brand for Italian luxury interiors – was absolutely respectable, he had a “bee” in his bonnet.

Was it possibile to expand the horizons of the Italian luxury interiors in the Middle East and in Central Asia markets?
The only way to answer this question, was daring to do it. And Rino did.

One of the first Italian professionals in its sector, he built its credibility and relationships from scratch. After twenty years of hard work with architects, designers and final customers, Perozzo has become the leading advisor for Italian luxury interiors.

Our expertise ranges from the management of turnkey interior design projects, to the cooperation with high-end architects and designer who need to find very specific – or customized – products for their interior design projects.

Rino Perozzo

Founder and Chairman of the Perozzo Company, Rino has strategic advisorship resposibilities.


Paolo Perozzo

Key account of the Perozzo Company, Paolo is in charge of the business development and of the public relations.


Flavia Perozzo

Operation specialist of the Perozzo Company, Flavia has a solid background in international logistics and operation management.

From the scouting of fully customized products to turn-key projects

Every single high-end project is unique. Depending on the type of need of the customer, Perozzo can operate in two main roles:

  • Delivery of turnkey projects. We manage interior design projects from end-to-end, taking care of the design, engineering and building phases.
  • Partnership with architects and designers. We work side-by-side with architects – both independent, company-based or customer chosen – as advisors in order to deliver the best solutions to the most challenging design requests. In particular, we take care of the scouting of special, refined and fully customized products.

Bringing a vision to life

“I JUST FIGURED THAT in a business enviroment filled with improvised buyers and careless barkers, there was a unmeet need for a reliable, competent and professional advisory service, with a vertical focus in Italian bespoke interiors.”

This is the vision that – in the words of Rino Perozzo – has ignited the sparkle for the Perozzo Company: a family-driven business devoted to bringing the very best projects and products of the Italian luxury interiors scenario to a world of architects, designers and final customers looking for the real essence of luxury.

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