If you read my post on the reason for being of Perozzo, you’ll know that we don’t handle to design only “beautiful homes” or “fine” internal, but to realize ultra-luxury interiors for the elite of high net worth individuals, or HNWI shortly.

HNWIs is an acronym for people with patrimonies higher – and very often, much higher – than 10 million dollars.

Therefore, it is not a secret that most of my customers are abroad: my staff and I work daily with some of the most prestigious architectural firms of Central Asia and Middle East: we have achieved projects that range from the most exclusive luxury private residences to the furniture of the presidential residences inhabited by royal families.

At this point, it is possible that you are wondering what is the difference between the high quality interior design and the extra luxurious interior design.

Let’s go in order.

Our services dedicated to the design of ultra-luxury interiors stand out of regular consulting services for four features at least:

  • Scouting of exclusive products

The interior design projects of ultra-luxury interiors and their elements and accessories are considerably more complex and extensive than the normal fine interiors.

Depending on the mood choice by customer (aristocrat, minimalist, classical, baroque, contemporary, etc.), the project takes on a unique and unrepeatable way, where the only limit – in addition to the architect’s imagination – is the ability of the advisor, who works to find exactly the products that the customer is looking for.

  • Customization Management

In addition to be able to find exactly the product that the customer is looking for, a daily challenge in the world of ultra-luxury furniture it is that often the customer wants to customize a single object to create a unique piece.

And here we come into play with our ability to provide virtually unlimited customization of design objects of the highest level.

  • Italian character

One of the things that make me proud to be Italian is that Italian character of the products is a duty in the world of the extra luxury abroad. This is worth not only for the supercars- I think Ferrari and Lamborghini, of course – but also for the furniture.

In addition to be a completely Italian company with Italian staff, Perozzo works exclusively with suppliers of Italian furniture, including Visionnaire, Minotti Collezioni and DG Mosaic.

  • Turnkey management of the project

In addition to scouting skills and customization of interior design projects, Perozzo has a focused experience in turnkey management of ultra-luxury interior design complex projects.

The management of the project includes design – performed by Italian architects and designers – procurement, delivery and installation of furniture, as well as the direction of the work focused on delivery on time.


Finally, the fifth feature that characterize our work is our specific experience in the world of ultra-luxury interior, with over 200 projects achieved, of which I will talk about in the next posts.

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