Visionnaire, Minotti Collezioni, Cierre, Black Tie, Prestige and more: the very best of Italian interior design, customized for you.

We customize for you the finest interior solutions
designed by the elite Italian interior design brands.

The Perozzo advisory service allows you not to settle for “owning” the top Italian brands furniture, but instead to customize it your way, in order to follow exactly your inspiration and dreams.

Thanks to its unique designs and aristocratic flair, Visionnaire has as become synonymous with world-class luxury Italian furniture. Founded by the Cavalli brothers, Visionnaire offer a “total concept” solution in order to fit a customer’s personal needs, style and taste in any living enviroment – residential, business, contract and yachts alike.


In the collections of Minotti Collezioni, a traditional imprinting meets a cosmopolitan perspective, in order to create luxury interior design solutions characterized by an unique Italian allure. From kitchens to livings, Minotti Collezioni provides a broad range of entirely customizable solutions for bespoke interiors.



“The combination of past and future is expressed above all in the choices we make today. Together, because we are a family, an eclectic experience that has gone through three generations. The real choice was to build our house right here, where our production is carried out, so that everyone could see it, especially those who contributed to it. And everyone could decide to be a part of it.”


In addition to these selected brands, we can count on a broad array of products chosen from the best Italian interior design companies.