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WITH OVER 20 YEARS of experience, the Perozzo family has gathered an impressive know-how in the field of exclusive interior design consultancy. More importantly, we learnt to understand that you can’t limit a dream. This is the precise reason why our beloved customers keep choosing us over and over. We are strongly committed to provide not only the best Italian interiors available, but also the best Italian interior designers and architets. This way, we are able to provide you with the best turn-key project service in the market of exclusive interior design.

ONE OF THE BEST KEPT SECRET of the jet set, is the people that makes possibile the impossibile. Paolo Perozzo is one of these people. As the leading consultant of the Perozzo family, Paolo’s job is to make dreams come true. No matter the challenge: if the market has a solution for a given interior design idea, he will find and deliver it. And if there are no solutions, he will create one from scratch. Join Paolo in its journal, as he travels the world looking for the next challenge in tailor-made design interiors. Simply put, he is dedicated to bringing a vision to life.

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